Sunday, June 2, 2013

Soft Machine - Actual Jazz Festival 1969

Soft Machine 1969-10-28 Actual Jazz Festival Amougie Belgium
sbd (T-458)

*Original Notes*

This release is sourced from a reel-to-reel tape recorded at 3 3/4 ips tape
that I got in trade in about 1975 from a fellow trader / taper.  It's a
soundboard recording.

MP3 256

  1.  Moon In June  14:35
  2.  Facelift       9:03
  3.  Eammon Andrews 5:25

I removed two small glitches  and made a slight speed correction.

I did the editing, mastering (tweaking) and analog to digital transfer for
this version of this show.


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  1. A GREAT ONE, Thanks!

    Could You post it in FLAC format, please?